David Warden

Wednesday, August 10 2016 at 7:30PM

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199 Malmesbury Park Road,

David Warden

What's the talk about?

In this talk, David Warden will dispel some common myths and misunderstandings about Humanism, and briefly explain the history of Humanism and its roots in classical Greek philosophy.

He will also challenge those who ‘prefer not to be labelled’ as Humanists, even though they sign up to humanist values, to consider whether this kind of neutrality is a luxury we can no longer afford. Powerful forces against reason, democracy, and liberalism are being propagated in the world, aggressively funded with hundreds of billions of dollars.

Are we content to stand on the sidelines and let the forces of unreason make steady advances in the world, even when this ‘battle for the mind’ is targeted at young children? Stephen Fry has said “It’s essential to nail one’s colours to the mast as a humanist.”

We’ll explore why Stephen Fry, Shappi Khorsandi, Jim Al-Khalili and many other scientists, philosophers, writers, journalists, and popular entertainers are saying this today.


David Warden is Chair of Dorset Humanists and he is currently studying person-centred therapeutic counselling. He has degrees in theology and management and was a business trainer for many years. Dorset Humanists is a Partner of the British Humanist Association.