James Brown

Wednesday, October 12 2016 at 7:30PM

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199 Malmesbury Park Road,

James Brown

What's the talk about?

Hypnosis is a subject that divides opinion. The Marmite of the entertainment industry if you like. The problem is that hypnosis has been shrouded in mystery for years and the reasons why it works, or at least appear to, are as numerous as they are contradictory.

In this demonstration/talk James Brown will show you what is really going on when someone is hypnotised and along the way ‘kill some of the gods’. Sleep, trance, relaxation are all synonymous with hypnosis but during the course of the evening James will prove that they are not needed at all… Hypnosis really isn’t how it appears…


James has a background originally within the field of psychiatric nursing which grew over time into a love of the mind. Just after leaving university James became interested in the link between his understanding of psychology and the conjuring’s of the magician. This led to an eventual career change and a life pursuing magic, con artistry, persuasion and hypnosis. 20 years on, his work life is divided between lecturing, performing and consulting for media projects and his training company POWA Academy. Somewhere in all this he also wrote a book.