How what you know is grounded in your body and senses

Tuesday, January 14 2020 at 7:30PM

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199 Malmesbury Park Road

Rachel Moseley

What's the talk about?

It seems like a kind of magic - the way that a word, lines on a page, can conjure up vivid images, emotions and sensations. Deep within our brain lies our knowledge of everything from cats to Christmas, but how does the brain store our knowledge of objects, places, people and concepts?
Many scientists believe that how people experience the world, even the differences in our bodies and the way we move, fundamentally shapes our brains and the way we think.
In this talk, Dr Rachel Moseley will explore the exciting and surprising neuroscientific research around the question - where and how do you know what you know?
Dr Rachel Moseley is a senior lecturer at Bournemouth University. She completed her PhD and two postdoctoral years in Cambridge, investigating language and brain differences between autistic and non-autistic people. Since moving to Bournemouth, she has further explored mental health, ageing, sex differences, and aspects of cognitive processing in autistic people, and teaches neuropsychology and neuroscience to students.