Fighting Back Against Criminal Graphs

Colin Beveridge

Wednesday, April 8 2015 at 7:30PM

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Colin Beveridge

What's the talk about?

There’s no such thing as an innocent graph. Almost by definition, any representation of data omits some details, and glosses over others. That’s to be expected.

But innocence is a sliding scale and political graphs are often at the dirty end of it. With a general election coming up, it’s vital to be wise to the tricks they’ll use to convince you they’re the only sensible candidate to vote for - from selective use of data, to playing about with axes, to more subtle techniques… and to outright making things up (sorry, ‘informal polling’).

This talk uses examples from election literature to warn you about these sneaky tactics - and give you questions with which to harangue the candidates when they canvass for your vote.


Colin is the author of Basic Maths For Dummies and the Flying Colours Maths Blog (where the Maths Police hang out). When not holding politicians’ feet to the fire, he looks after baby Bill and helps students figure out A-level maths. He lives in Weymouth in a house with the same kind of sea view as Fawlty Towers.


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