We need to get rid of the Boswellox

Emma Smith

Wednesday, January 9 2019 at 7:45PM

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Emma Smith

What's the talk about?

Are we being inundated with “fake science” and why do people believe the hype? While at a basic level it seems harmless, what threat does the creep of fake science pose? We’ll be taking a look at some evidence of the harm that pursuing alternative therapies can cause people with a cancer diagnosis, and some of the emotional cost.


Emma Smith studied biochemistry at Imperial College London then stayed on for a Masters and PhD on her favourite topic, immunology. After almost a decade there, she braved the move out of London and joined The Institute of Cancer Research in Sutton as a Postdoc to study multiple myeloma, a white blood cell cancer. In 2010 she left the lab behind after making the decision to work in science communications, and joined Breast Cancer Now for a short while.

In 2012 she moved to a role in the Science Communications team at Cancer Research UK and spent 6 years perfecting the art of science communications at the biggest cancer charity in the world. In 2018 she took up a position at Imperial College London working in the field of volunteer infection studies and vaccines, but most of her talk today is centered around her experiences at CRUK.

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Twitter – @EmmaMarieSmith1, @hic_vac